Contract Management Workshop: Getting Your Contracts Right Before Moving to SRM
When entering new agreements does your business have a standard template or specific template per service? Does it cover liabilities and penalties? Do specific feed-back clauses always slow you down? How do you build a scope and schedule of services? Without all this, you cannot move to SRM. This workshop has been developed to provide an interactive opportunity for peer-to-peer exchanges, knowledge sharing and problem solving. Increase the practical advice that can be applied upon your return to the office.

Implementing A Central Contracts Database
When different business streams enter into contracts it’s important for procurement teams to locate and monitor contracts. Do you have a good template and does it cover your liabilities? A surprising high % of companies in the region, do not have a central database to manage standard contracts and monitor compliance against them. Understand the cheapest and simplest way to do this.

Consolidating Framework Agreements
Want to have 1 supplier serving 10 sites instead for 10 suppliers serving 1? This session reveals how to overcome the barriers when consolidating framework agreements and make them happen.

Can You Monitor Supplier Compliance To Existing Contracts?
What about auditing expiry dates? This session reveals how suppliers can be monitored against legacy agreements such as adhering to rate cards.

Do Signing Authorities Slow You Down?
In today’s day and age, automated signatures should be taken for granted. The reality is different and the process can be painful leading to costly delays. This session explores how to disrupt the status quo.